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Blockchain: A New Trend That Optimizes Digital Marketing

"Blockchain" is a fairly new term in the business system.

Currently, it is named constantly, but not everything that encompasses its concept or the many ways in which it can be applied to a business is yet known.

The Blockchain is a technology that allows getting records of varied transfers safely with the use of sophisticated encryption. We clarify that all operations take place in the digital environment.

It is like a public ledger that everyone can see and share among its users, in which data is stored in a chain-like configuration, and can only be built, not changed.

This implies that if someone tries to hack, everyone would be aware of this hack because the ledger would be changed for all participants in the chain.

Why has Blockchain transformed the digital environment?

This digital system is changing the way of transferring information of any kind. It is different from a bank, where transactions are stored privately and managed only by that institution.

Blockchain transfers can be data, money, etc., always digitally.

Thanks to this technology, intermediaries are not needed to verify and approve the information, since it is distributed in independent nodes that register and validate it.

Thus, the processes are safer, without errors or fraud that compromise the operation of the entire system.

Most of the time we hear it mentioned, this concept is associated with the immense universe of cryptocurrencies since it makes the transfer of data associated with virtual wallets extremely efficient.

However, this system goes much further, and can even be applied to Digital Marketing strategies.
Blockchain and security of Digital Marketing
As a trend that enhances security, Blockchain can also optimize Digital Marketing strategies. For example:

  • Blockchain to secure online purchases
Blockchain technology provides greater security to the online purchasing process through e-commerce. By using it, consumers will be sure to receive their purchase and will not be ripped off.

And it is that Blockchain allows you to track products from their manufacture to their delivery. In other words, the user knows the entire production process, so counterfeits are avoided.

  • Blockchain for the SEM and SEO process without intermediaries
As we know, Google acts as an intermediary that connects advertisers with digital media in SEO and SEM campaigns.

But through Blockchain technology that dependency disappears and the process is developed without intermediaries.

It allows a decentralized network to manage campaigns without intermediaries. Therefore, the users themselves are responsible for validating and distributing them.

  • Blockchain to secure online advertising data
User data is extremely valuable for developing Digital Marketing campaigns. But many times companies lose customers due to incorrect management of their users' personal information.

Thanks to the Blockchain, each user becomes the owner of their data and chooses how they want to dispose of them, in addition to the advertising they want to receive, limiting intrusive ads.

  • Blockchain for increased brand responsibility
Thanks to the Blockchain and the smart contracts it promotes, agreements are automatically fulfilled when both parties sign the terms.

Thus, users are owners of their data in the blockchain and the brand must request their authorization.

  • Blockchain for the elimination of impersonators
Blockchain and its unique key will eliminate phishing scams from people posing as others. Therefore, surfing the net will be more secure.