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Benefits Of Using The Internet Of Things In Digital Marketing. Effective Strategies That Employ IoT

Big Data, Blockchain, Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things have been integrated to promote technological development and also Digital Marketing.

Fundamentally, the Internet of things and connected objects have come to generate an immense volume of information and data exchange to be effectively linked to the lifestyle of users.

In marketing, the Internet of things has come to boost the user experience by identifying consumer needs through their wearables or gadgets to enhance the level of closeness and knowledge of the potential customer.

In addition, we can create calls to action that are not only limited to visual impact but also analyze habits and needs to generate a conversion through a gesture or voice command.

Integrating data analytics into online and offline marketing departments and strategies, adding the analysis of the Internet of Things, will help us make more accurate decisions to take advantage of opportunities and make a difference from competitors.

We know that we can mark an immense competitive advantage using IoT devices because in this way we will know first-hand; the tastes, the habits, and even the customs and behaviors of the users.

And this valuable information can be used to personalize marketing strategies and offer increasingly satisfactory experiences to the user.

Advantages of using the Internet of things in the Digital Marketing strategy

For this reason, companies are continually prioritizing adaptation to these new data analysis technologies.

But it is not enough just to use technology, we must know how to use it.

If the data generated by IoT devices is not processed and analyzed correctly, we will not be able to correctly direct a strategy.

We must apply Big Data to have the ability to identify possible problems in products or services, put ourselves before them and apply solutions immediately.

In addition, with this trend, we will be able to look for new opportunities in the market and develop a product that satisfies some of the existing needs of consumers.
Importance of the Internet of things in Digital Marketing
Providing us with useful data to improve the user experience is the first and greatest advantage of using the Internet of things in Digital Marketing strategies.

Let's look at other benefits:

  • Know in detail the behavior and needs of users. This information allows us to have closer contact with the target audience.

  • Customer loyalty. Building customer loyalty through the Internet of things becomes easier, as data helps us offer personalized experiences to satisfy customers and generate a much closer company-customer bond.

  • Relevant and educational content. The IoT is essential to meet the demands of users and share interesting, relevant content that provides added value.

  • Efficient campaigns in social networks. The data obtained thanks to the IoT will make our advertising campaigns more efficient since we will be able to carry out a much more precise segmentation.
IoT-based campaigns
Some recognized brands have achieved the most popular Digital Marketing campaigns using the Internet of Things. For example:

The powerful streaming platform, Netflix, launched IoT socks that used an accelerometer sensor to detect if the user had fallen asleep and paused the content so that they did not lose anything and did not stop enjoying their cinematographic preferences.

The campaign was a huge success, generating over 1 billion earned media impressions and winning a Shorty Award for creative use of technology.

Uber and Spotify
Uber customers can connect their Spotify accounts and play their favorite music on car speakers during their ride.

Although it seems simple, it is a strategy that generated great acceptance, and the collaboration managed to improve the user experience of both brands.