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Augmented Reality Marketing, The Marketing Of The Future

When we hear terms like virtual reality, augmented reality, or metaverse, we almost always think of action video games and advanced digital forms of entertainment.

But these concepts contain much more, especially in recent years when artificial intelligence and technological progress have allowed new trends to emerge around them.

In this article, we will focus on one of the marketing trends of the future: Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality combines the real world with the virtual one.

Through connections and sensors, we enter a new universe of virtual elements that intermingle with the real ones, achieving a mixed reality. We can also interact with our environment.

Augmented Reality, Marketing Megatrend

Augmented Reality has gained ground and followers as a tool for the future of marketing. It's already being used to bring to life 3D product catalogs, virtual fitting rooms, demos, games, and more.

Why has it been so successful in this area?

A marketing strategy based on Augmented Reality provides the consumer with a different and original experience.

Through this technology, the company can combine reality with images and virtual objects with which customers interact in real-time and recognize their potential. This new form of interaction allows a greater brand experience and enhances creativity with virtual elements.

This allows us to attract the attention of the consumer and provide personalized, valuable content with greater originality.

The experience allows potential customers to see a product and interact with it before buying it so that they know its value, characteristics, and benefits and also witness the transparency of the company.

Other benefits of using Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing are:

  • Differentiation from the competition. Despite being a Megatrend, few companies use Augmented Reality in their strategy, both because of its high costs and because of its concept, which is still under development. That is why all the companies that use it stand out from the competition for their originality and creativity.

  • Increased visibility. Sending messages that arouse feelings in the audience is better with Augmented Reality because that way we also manage to surprise our clients.

  • Custom image. Thanks to Augmented Reality we can further personalize the messages we send to our consumers.
Brand Strategies based on Augmented Reality
We propose 5 examples of marketing projects based on this technology, whose effective strategy allowed them to give their customers a unique user experience.

1- National Geographic, inside a documentary
The photography and nature firm, National Geographic, installed a mega screen in the Rotterdam station that allowed people to enjoy the experience of being inside one of their documentaries.

2- Ikea, live your furniture
Ikea launched 4 an Augmented Reality strategy that allowed us to virtually locate the furniture in the catalog in our home.

The user opened the catalog and scanned the marked pages in the paper version, or downloaded it in the mobile or tablet app.

3- South Korean baseball organization, a dragon in the stadium
During the South Korean baseball season, they decided to program an augmented reality dragon that appeared above the stadium.

To see the dragon, users had to focus on the stadium with their mobile phones.

The figure, extremely popular in Korea, appeared breathing fire, flying, and even marking the structure with its claws.

Thus, they offered a sentimental memory and a unique experience.

4-Burger King, burn the ad
Burning the competition's advertising through the Burger King application was one of the brand's strategies that have given the most talk.

Users stood in front of an ad and, at the same time, entered the Burger King app and pressed a button. Using Augmented Reality and capturing the ad through the mobile phone, the application made it burst into flames.

Being a game, it is easy for the user to become fixated and loyal, increasing the loyalty of the clientele of the most famous American burger restaurant.

5- LEGO, see ghosts
Sounds creepy, right?

Well, Lego decided to build a paranormal experience for its users. Once the construction is complete, through an application that allows you to capture ghosts and ectoplasm, solve puzzles, and find treasures.

Each construction proposes a different Augmented Reality episode.

It is a strategy that encourages the user to buy Lego, build them, and discover the augmented reality adventure that it offers.
POSTED ON MAY 12, 2022