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Advanced Conversational Systems. How Do They Influence A Referral Marketing Strategy?

Did you know that the first bot that existed was called Eliza and was created between 1964 and 1967?
His goal was to have conversations with people through text.

This showed that in the future, the understanding between humans and computers could be amplified.

And precisely, the development of conversational systems using Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing known as NLP has allowed automated learning and capturing conversational cadences to imitate human conversation.

Today, there are several conversational systems that we often interact with within our daily routine. For example:
This type of conversational system recognize and interpret our voice and execute requests through connections.

They are basic examples of conversational systems powered by artificial intelligence that are increasingly present in our daily lives.

In addition, these systems continue to advance and improve along with technological development in terms of command of human language and interpretation of tones, inflections, and the context in general.

Language interpretation and facilities for companies

Advanced conversational systems, through natural language processing, allow the automation of a company's responses from the compression of requests made by clients through interfaces.

Thus, they simulate the comprehension capabilities of human agents without the need for any person to intervene.

The benefit: optimize the tasks of the company and promote the Marketing strategy.

Because these elements can resolve the requested action and compose the response to the customer, employees can save time and spend it on other tasks.

Let's see the performance of a conversational system in a company:
  • Understand the request or request of the client made in text or voice
  • Solve the action requested by the client, through cognitive abilities
  • Compose the response in natural language to the client (text or voice)
In addition, cognitive conversational systems advance along with technology to increasingly optimize company strategies. They will also allow:
  • Analyze customer behavior patterns
  • Predict future customer activity
  • Recommend tailor-made products or services for the client
Conversational marketing in a referral program
Conversational marketing is a technique that allows virtual assistants such as chatbots to hold conversations in real-time, to boost customer service.

The contribution to a Referral Marketing program is based on:

Analyze information and get leads 
A virtual assistant can collect the data requested by the system, converting new leads for the company.

Advise in the purchase process
Segmenting by demographic data, age, interests, etc., and making proposals to customers, is the task of a conversational agent.

Reduce flow to the customer service center
Conversational systems help decongest support centers by quickly responding to customer inquiries and applying tasks such as discounts and offers.

Development of an online reputation
The prestige of a company has a lot to do with customer service. Precisely, one of the elements on which consumers base themselves to choose to stay with a company is the treatment of the public, with speed and efficiency.

A virtual assistant can manage all these interactions quickly and would improve the perception of customers towards the company.

Improve online advertising
Online advertising has developed to high levels thanks to the appearance of conversational virtual agents.

An example of this is AdLingo, a Google platform that allows you to add a conversational assistant to an advertisement. This solution develops user attention and strengthens the relationship between brands and their potential customers.
POSTED ON MAY 20, 2022