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7 Popular Programs That Report High Profits To Brands And Affiliates

A trend that enhances the company-client relationship?

This is Affiliate Marketing, a commercial relationship in which everyone wins and the links between brands and their subscribers are strengthened.

Attracting customers through a recommendation or referral system, paying a percentage for each sale, is the basis of Affiliate Marketing, one of the most popular trends in the digital world.

The purpose of the strategy, like any marketing plan, is to obtain profits, increasing sales thanks to the recommendations of contacts and clients. Promoters receive a percentage of profit per product sold.

This method is currently very profitable for both brands and affiliates.

But in reality, Affiliate Marketing began to gain popularity in the 90s, all due to the strategy of the commercial giant Amazon, which at that time made an affiliate service available to its subscribers for those who wanted to spread the products of the company.

That person would earn a percentage for each sale made.

Today numerous brands have joined the Affiliate strategy. Let's look at 6 of the brands with the best and most profitable Affiliate Marketing programs:
As we explained, the commercial giant was one of the promoters of affiliate programs worldwide. Theirs is the most famous affiliate network in the world.

Its strategy has been maintained, making room for bloggers, influencers, and other Internet actors who include their affiliate links and earn a percentage for each sale.

Amazon Affiliates, or Amazon Associates, is the platform that manages how content creators, publishers, and bloggers monetize their traffic.

Their affiliate network competes with Amazon's. Alibaba is a private corporation that powers e-commerce on the Internet.

It works as a business-to-business portal, also helping smaller companies to earn affiliates to promote their products.

eBay is a commercial site for auctions, dedicated to electronic commerce and the former owner of Paypal. The Affiliate platform is eBay Partner Network and gives the possibility of earning good commissions from sales and web traffic.

The sales giant in Spain, El Corte Inglés, offers excellent commissions to its affiliates. Among the advantages of joining its program, it indicates the more than 400 thousand products of leading brands, multiple categories, and access to promotions and discounts.
Spocket is a wholesale supplier and distributor of high-quality products. It is a commercial giant that offers an excellent affiliate program through which you can earn more than 400 dollars for each new client that joins.

In addition, they provide their affiliates with the necessary tools and resources to successfully promote the business.

Shopify is one of the most popular business growth platforms today. It also offers the Shopify Partners program in which affiliates promote the platform's products from various plans.

You can earn from commissions of 50, up to 2000 dollars depending on the plans and sales.

Rakuten is another business dedicated to e-commerce, a leader in the Japanese market. It offers a global network of affiliates that helps advertisers win new customers and retain the audience.

On their page, there is a wide variety of commission percentages.