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6 True Advantages Of Applying Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has come to simplify complex digital management.

As part of the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence techniques in Marketing, this technological process facilitates complex tasks and directly delivers the content to the target audience.

Programmatic advertising is an advertising buying model for the automated acquisition of advertising space.

These digital spaces are characterized by the placement of advertisements and may constitute:
  • websites
  • online newspapers
  • blog, among many others.
Thus, programmatic advertising includes marketing, through an automatic procedure for buying and selling advertising. We can mention as an example, auctions or bids made in real-time on the Internet.

How is programmatic advertising used?

Programmatic advertising promotes the connection between the brand and the potential consumers, showing ads for products related to them.

In other words, we receive content that responds to our needs, tastes, and interests, so we find it attractive and contributing.

Thanks to the analysis and processing of data, the interests and commercial needs of a specific person are known, and based on this, specific advertising is sent to them.

This way we will know that we send relevant and interesting advertising to that potential customer of our brand, instead of wasting funds and manpower on invasive or out-of-context advertising.

Programmatic advertising gives us the possibility of personalizing ads through a system based on algorithms that establish matches between the customer and potential customer data and the spaces available in the media.

Although it seems like a complex process, in reality, it is extremely fast and efficient! In just moments we can predict the behavior of Internet users to know if our marketing campaign will give positive results.

Thus, programmatic advertising gives us the possibility of finding that "ideal client", through the analysis of data such as:

- Interests
- Pleasures
- Preferred time online
- Connection devices
- Age
- Social position
- Geographic location
Benefits of programmatic advertising
We can establish the advantages and benefits of programmatic advertising if we compare it with more traditional online advertising techniques.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, programmatic advertising allow us to simplify processes. For example:

  • User segmentation. Through programmatic advertising, it is possible to filter the ads through the user profile. Advertising is shown considering the media and the profile, but also the behavior of the user in the digital environment.

  • Simplified analysis. An analysis of data from advertisers, adserver, platforms and media, which participate in the online advertising campaign, would seem like a complex and slow process. But programmatic advertising makes the analysis and execution process easier, thus saving time, effort, and money.

  • Better conversion rates. The conversion rates per click on the ad are higher because we send the advertising to a specific public, that is interested in the products. Thus, we obtain higher quality traffic and increase sales from a more optimized form of advertising.

  • Greater range. Programmatic advertising allows you to reach potential customers around the world since the spaces for sale on the Internet are dissimilar and are found on pages from all countries.

  • Speed and agility. Marketers focus their programmatic advertising strategy to reach their customers at the right time. In addition, thanks to the automation of the process of buying and selling advertising space, we will have our ad traveling to the public in a matter of milliseconds.

  • Access to unlimited inventory. Through programmatic advertising, we can have access to the purchase of any advertising space in the media that we want.