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6 Tips To Apply Artificial Intelligence Techniques In Digital Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is changing the future of Digital Marketing.

Various technologies allow greater development of Marketing, automating procedures to optimize strategies that provide relevant content day by day.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence allows you to collect large amounts of information to analyze it and transform it into optimal Marketing plans that respond to the needs and tastes of the client.

Artificial intelligence (AI) uses intelligent engines capable of performing human intelligence tasks through simulation. Its objective is the automation of routine issues in companies and industries.

A.I and Digital Marketing

The application of this automated technology tends to significantly increase the ROI of the actions,
something that world-renowned brands have demonstrated through their strategies.

Marketing automation tools allow:
  • display relevant products to shoppers
  • segment the audience
  • optimize information, among other advantages.
Let's see some tips to connect Artificial Intelligence techniques and benefit in the short term:
  • Employ Chatbots on the website
Chatbots are an artificial intelligence technique that can mimic human conversation and answer the main questions of customers.

  • Create quality content
Creating quality content is not just a task for Artificial Intelligence, but goes hand in hand with personal creativity.

However, automated techniques can tell us what content is attractive to our customers so we can personalize it.

Then we will generate innovative material according to the tastes, interests, and needs of our users.

  • Combine Artificial Intelligence and Digital Advertising
Automating the process of creating ads and executing campaigns will ensure that the goal is always based on our objectives.

We may employ applications such as Ad Platforms and audience targeting.

  • Use Big Data and automated analysis for campaigns
Big Data and the automated analysis of metrics allow us to obtain a large collection of information from different channels such as tastes, demographic data, purchases, etc.

This information will help us make decisions and plan our marketing strategy.

  • Use Artificial Intelligence to improve shipping times
The best time to send a campaign depends on the context of the company or brand.

But through automated analysis, we can use algorithms to determine the best time to send emails and SMS and post on social networks.

  • Improve the content of the campaigns
Email Marketing, SMS Marketing, and Social Media Marketing Campaigns can be automated and optimized to better manage:
  • images
  • promotions
  • publications
  • links