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6 Must-Haves For Your Referral Program Landing Page

Have you ironed out the details of your referral program? The next step is to create a landing page that will encourage brand advocates to join.

An ideal landing page should be able to clearly communicate the benefits customers and their friends can get through the referral program. It should have an eye-catching design that will draw readers in and encourage them to click the sign-up button. Otherwise, a complicated page with complex information may intimidate potential members and dissuade them from taking the leap.

How to create the ideal referral program landing page? Here are some of the must-have elements to keep in mind.

1. Have a proper headline

The referral program headline is the first thing that readers will see upon visiting the landing page.

Just like a newspaper headline, It should be short and clear. At the same, it must be able to explain the benefits or incentives that customers can receive. If it clearly communicates the gist of the referral program, then there will be more sign-ups too.
Here are some examples of compelling referral program slogans that could inspire your own:
  • Give 20$, Get $20
  • Get free socks!
  • Give some, get some
  • Invite friends to get a 25% off discount
  • Get $5 of credit for each friend you refer
Consider this referral program headline from Soko Glam with the tagline "Give $10, Get $10". The perks people can get is explained in a straightforward manner.

2. Image

An eye-catching image can impress readers and motivate them to learn more about the referral program.

How to pick an image? Choose a photo that is relevant to your brand referral program. This could be a picture of the freebies or exclusive items you offer. If you reward brand advocates with store credits or discounts, then an image of your products or services should be in the spotlight.

Fashion retailer Vera Bradley has an image of smiling models clad in stylish outfits. Besides the fashionable clothes, the photo evokes the feeling of happiness or excitement customers can expect when they receive the 20% discount.

3. CTA

Similar to most landing pages or emails, you need a CTA that viewers can click to head to the next step. Good CTAs have actionable phrases that let consumers know what they can expect upon clicking. For referral programs, notable CTA phrases include "Refer a Friend", "Get my Referral Code", or "Invite Friends Now".

CTA buttons should stand out from the page so pick a color that stands out from the background. Let's say, your landing page has a white background, your CTA button should be colored in black or red so it attracts people's attention.

The CTA should also be placed in a noticeable location like beside or under the main image. That said, if your referral program landing page has a long FAQ section, don't place the CTA at the bottom of the landing page. Users shouldn't have to scroll far down to find the CTA.

Casper's CTA stands out partly because of the dark blue CTA button contrasting against the white background. On top of this, it is placed at the bottom of the email address text box so users can start sharing afterward.

4. Incentives

Incentives and benefits are the main motivators that will persuade people to sign up. That's precisely why your landing page should be able to convey the perks customers can get for a successful referral.

No one wants to read lengthy descriptions so explain the benefits in 1 to 2 sentences. Place it below the headline so interested customers can immediately learn the details. If you want to have more details, include a link to a separate FAQ section.

Bombas' refer a friend program has a clear explanation of their benefits at the bottom of their main headline. It states, "When you share Bombas with your friends and family and they buy some Bombas, they'll get 25% off their purchase, and you'll get $20 to spend on Bombas".
The one-sentence explanation provides insight about their compelling benefits. At the same time, it's not too descriptive or stuffed with long-winded statements.

5. Include a simple form

The submission form is a pivotal section that decides whether a customer will opt-in and become an official brand ambassador.

People will be intimidated if the landing page is jam-packed with information so keep it simple. Minimize sign-up requirements or simply ask customers to provide their email. Make your headline prominent, add a hero image and a simple explanation. You can also add a link to a seperate referral program FAQ section to keep the landing page short.

The Outdoor Voices' referral program has a simple form that only requires an email to sign-up. The simple requirement may compel people to fill-up the form and try it out themselves.

6. Add social sharing buttons

Reducing the steps for sign-up is crucial to boost participation. One way to do this is to add social sharing buttons. This way, customers can immediately share their referral program code via email or social media platforms.

For example, Trello's refer-a-friend page provides users with a custom share link. With the click of a button, people can start referring friends via Twitter, Facebook, or email.

How will you create your referral program landing page?

Creating a compelling referral program landing page is easy once you know the right steps.

All you have to do is to craft a compelling headline and combine it with a concise explanation of your benefits or incentives. Include an eye-catching image that can draw readers in and encourage them to learn more. Minimize the steps involved in registering so people will be encouraged to opt-in.

As long as you remember these tips, you can create a compelling landing page that will encourage brand advocates to join in droves. Here's to hoping you generate more sales and new customers with your referral program.

How does your referral program landing page look like? Let us know in the comments.
By Monique Danao