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5 Successful Strategies Of Brands That Use Big Data Marketing

Big Data and Predictions
Using Big Data can be beneficial for any Marketing strategy, since analyzing the information will allow us to know the course of our campaign, taking into account the preferences and needs of our clients.

Analyzing the interests and motivations of the audience helps us to create precise profiles of the potential client, the one we want to build loyalty and turn into a promoter of our products and services.

As we can see, using Big Data is vital when it comes to creating marketing strategies based on data, due to the practical applications and benefits it can bring to the company.

data analysis or Big Data allows companies to know if their strategy is obtaining the expected results and what is the next step they should take.

In addition, this automated marketing trend gives them consumption patterns and effective correlations to search for new market niches through intelligent and safe decisions.

Big Data Marketing, Artificial Intelligence and Automation

Artificial intelligence and automation have come to marketing to promote the use of different sources of information, through innovative contributions that facilitate the processing of large volumes of data.

The use of different software to carry out marketing actions in an automated way allows greater control and monitoring of the analysis of information and improves its management and treatment to organize it in a faster and more comfortable way.

Thus, we see that Big Data Marketing as an automated process is vital for the correct development of a marketing strategy, to optimize it by applying the information obtained.
Effective Big Data Marketing Strategies
Many brands currently promote automated Big Data Marketing strategies, to make optimal use of information to satisfy the preferences of their customers and boost sales.

Let's meet below, 5 of the brands that apply effective Big Data Marketing strategies:
1- Amazon: Big Data for optimal customer service
The customer service of the commercial giant Amazon stands out as one of the best loyalty instruments worldwide.

And it is that through Big Data, Amazon workers can consult all the information about the consumer who contacts them, such as:
  • what products are you looking for
  • which ones have you bought
  • how many purchases have you made
The analysis of a large volume of data from its customers has allowed the commercial giant to create a search and purchase history to contact each one and recommend offers in a personalized way.
2- Netflix: Big Data to send personalized recommendations
The global channel, Netflix, daily analyzes huge amounts of data related to user behavior to make personalized recommendations on the genres you are looking for, the style of series and movies you prefer, etc.

This allows you to predict the behavior of the public to build an effective subscription and payment system.
3- Coca-Cola: Big Data for launching campaigns
Coca-Cola not only has historical fame, but every day seeks to launch more creative and original campaigns that respond to today's social demands.

The Coca-Cola Company is the world's largest beverage company, and yes, it uses automated data analytics to drive new product development campaigns.

Its system collects and analyzes the data generated by its millions of followers on Facebook and Twitter, to know:
  • how their products are perceived in different countries
  • under what circumstances should they launch their campaign
4- Starbucks: Big Data to determine new locations
The globally popular coffee company uses Big Data to determine the potential success of each new store they plan to open.

They use the information resulting from:
  • Location
  • Traffic
  • Demographic area
  • Behaviors
All this is to know if the chosen point is a good place to market your products. Only then can Starbucks make an accurate estimate of what the success rate of its locations will be.
5-Zara: Big Data to detect new trends
Zara is a fairly young fashion brand, which has achieved immense popularity worldwide due to a set of factors.

One of them is the use of Big Data to detect new trends as soon as they arise and send garments that satisfy the aspirations and needs of their customers.