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5 Popular Tools To Boost Our Martech

Martech implies the union of Marketing to a group of technologies that optimizes the company's strategy and allows customer loyalty, promoting engagement in any product or service.

The Martech consists of the use of tools such as collaborative and analytical platforms, to improve marketing strategies since these campaign optimizations allow knowing and attracting Leads and the public from other market segments.

Furthermore, these platforms and technology help create smarter strategies.

As we can see, the advantages of Martech are very broad, since by using technological tools we will be able to reach more and more customers and satisfy their needs and tastes.

Unifying technology and marketing favor much simpler and more dynamic teamwork, with positive results in real-time and accurate planning.

Also thanks to Martech we will have a greater understanding and knowledge of our target audience to better define a value proposition for the consumer.

Likewise, strategic decision-making is simplified and increasingly personalized experiences are created.

Why use tools in our Martech strategies?

Martech tools make it possible to unify marketing with technology to fundamentally encourage team communication to be quick and agile, organize tasks, set goals, and overcome mistakes.

Types of Martech tools

There are many types of tools and technologies applied to marketing. Let's look at some of the most popular businesses today:

These platforms allow the creation of specific content through automated advertising technologies such as RTB, or Native Ads that drive resource optimization to gain effectiveness and profitability.

The purchase of digital advertising through different spaces is done through a bidding system and the objective is to provide adequate content for potential customers.

Numerous software allows you to automate conversion and sales processes, through customer segmentation, data integration, campaign management, and a fusion with technology, achieving great results.

Automation consists of the use of tools that reduce manual work and repetitive and routine tasks that reduce efficiency and precision, automating marketing processes

  • Tools to improve the Customer Experience
There are digital customer experience improvement tools that help create, manage and measure customer experiences like chatbots.

  • Data Analysis Tools
Software linked to Big Data for data analysis, web, and sales, among others, generates the possibility of attracting, capturing, retaining, and getting to know new customers and potential customers better.

  • Tools for Content Management
The content management system or Content Management System (CMS), allows us to create and manage content on various platforms optimally.
Most used tools and applications
Some of the most widely used Martech tools today include:

  • Google Analytics, for the analysis of data on the behavior of the audience with details in real time

  • MailChimp for emailing. Through it, we can schedule emails to users and monitor the most relevant indicators and metrics.

  • Hootsuite allows all the planning, content creation, monitoring, and contact with users of Social Networks.

  • Salesforce monitors all sales information to create a good E-Commerce strategy

  • Canva is the quintessential design app for both sales ad campaigns and social media management.