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What Are The 5 Most Popular Rewards Programs?

Reward programs seek to encourage people to make purchases or subscribe to the website of a certain brand.

Rewards programs are a popular form of Referral Marketing, through which brands manage to increase customer loyalty. For users, they are an excellent way to take advantage of all the benefits that companies offer.

Many brands today have their rewards program, in which users can easily sign up. However, some stand out and make a difference for their creativity, originality, and excellent customer service.

Rewards are an essential part of a referral program, an additional value proposition that seeks customer satisfaction and appreciation, to build loyalty and promote the brand. 

A rewards program is part of referral marketing customer retention strategies and pursues consumer loyalty.

Advantages of joining the Reward Programs for customers

A rewards program is an ideal strategy to increase your customer base in a short time, granting unexpected rewards quickly, easily, and safely.

For users, it is a great way to earn money regularly or choose a preferred payment method.

Some of the advantages of these programs are:

  • Best experience
These strategies improve the company-client relationship and it is important for any brand to remain strong in the long term, but also to empower its users and for them to participate in brand development strategies, based on discounts and personalized offers.

  • Saving money
Through a rewards program, the customer can save on those products they want to buy: you can also save some money since many companies reward you with discount vouchers or gift cards.

  • Benefits without investment
In Referral Marketing, the client gets his reward only for recommending contacts, so they do not have to make any initial expense or investment.

  • Variable rewards
Many companies offer the recipient various payment methods, from which they can choose the most suitable form for them, whether it be cash, gift cards, discounts, vouchers, etc.
Benefits of a Rewards Program for companies
Loyalty to the audience is just one of the many advantages of promoting a Rewards Program.

Through this strategy we will also learn about consumer trends to expand into new market niches, we will evaluate our audience to propose new strategies and we will attract more customers.

Of course, from that increase in the customer base, we will increase sales and strengthen ties with that loyal audience that expects and shares our content.

The growth of the brand will be assured.
5 popular Reward Programs and their particularities
Of course, we must have in mind that obtaining more customers, higher profits, and increasing popularity depend largely on our originality when creating a suitable Rewards Program.

We share 5 successful Reward Programs implemented by brands that have grown in popularity and acceptance:
1- Domino's Pizza. Ease
Domino's is an extremely popular brand in the United States. Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards program offers 10 points for every $10 spent at its points of sale, apps, or online services.

60 points can be redeemed for a free medium two-topping pizza.
2- Sephora. Originality
Sephora, one of today's most popular beauty and cosmetics brands, features original and creative offers in its Rewards Program.

Customers earn 1 point for every dollar they spend at Sephora retail stores, as well as on the web.
The rewards range from birthday gifts to exclusive events and free beauty courses.
3- Starbucks. Need
The young brand of coffee stores, Starbucks, offers incentives according to the needs of the client. Its Rewards Program has a mobile system based on points, which uses stars as an indicator of loyalty and fidelity.

Benefits and rewards include: Mobile Ordering & Payments, Discounts, Free Recharges, and Exclusive Member Events.
4- Amazon Prime, Exclusivity
Amazon Prime is an Amazon Rewards Program, one of the largest digital virtual shopping sites in the world.

Through it, users receive as a reward exclusivity, seen in obtaining products more quickly, exclusive offers, and events of appreciation by the company.
5- Bulletproof. Digitization
Bulletproof is a brand known for its network of coffee shops and, above all, for its online stores.

And their Rewards Program responds fairly to online purchases. Customers accumulate points that are then used to pay for their digital purchases. They also provide other benefits such as discounts and exclusive access to new and limited-run products.