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5 Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Customer Base In Tax Season

Although tax season generally brings pressure on companies, we must know that it is an excellent time to expand the customer base.

A correct Marketing strategy during tax season can achieve a better predisposition to hire companies that help manage income, transactions, refunds, etc.

During tax season, people seek all the help they can get with their paperwork.

The opinion of experts is highly listened to and it is very common to consult all kinds of websites to find the best-specialized sources on tax issues.

In addition, another important aspect is that customers turn to the opinions and experiences of their friends and trusted people, which is why they reach many web pages through the recommendation of email, SMS, or social networks from close contact.

We must consider that in times of taxes, people converge in carrying out the same activity, so the number of potential clients increases.

Attract clients in tax season

Due to the large influx of users "by recommendation", many companies decide on automated referral programs to guide a marketing strategy that allows NOT only to increase their customer base but also to generate higher sales.

Let’s see below, 5 Referral Marketing strategies to increase the customer base during tax season:
  • Word-of-mouth marketing to build trust
Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the best Referral Marketing strategies that we can promote in times of tax collection.

According to extensive research, recommendations from friends and close contacts are 90 percent more effective at attracting customers, at tax time.

Sending reminders via email and sharing experiences on social media will allow us to capture the close contacts of our users and also retain our audience.

Referral discounts are also a great way to convince our customers to express a good opinion of our business. It is a way for both, client and company, to benefit.

  • Optimize the content of the pages and social media
Our website and social media are extremely important during tax season. Optimizing the content that we share in both spaces can help us reach new market niches and explore audience possibilities.

To attract customers in tax times, it is important to:
  • share informative content that answers the questions of our customers with tips and feasible strategies for the stage and above all, innovative elements that attract the attention of the audience.
We must also take into account sharing content with simple, understandable language and suitable for all types of audiences.

Another element that we must keep in mind to optimize our website and social media is SEO and the importance of techniques to make content relevant.

Let's not forget to register the business in Google My Business to ensure quick and efficient contact.
  • Take care of the use of social media 
One of the best ways to attract customers based on contacts is through social media. We must remember that Facebook is the most popular space with the largest audience. It is a social media used by people of any age.

Therefore, we must generate innovative and eye-catching content to attract customers in that digital space. We must also take care of the strategy on Twitter and Linkedin as networks that are more linked to the business.

Social networks allow us to connect with customers and interact directly with them to answer any question that may concern them, which is why it is feasible to launch a Referral campaign in these spaces.

  • Maintaining a FAITHFUL audience
Customer loyalty is essential for Referral Marketing, especially in tax collection season, because every year we must pay taxes.

And if we manage to build customer loyalty, they will come back every year.

Referral strategies based on customer retention will help us seek the loyalty of our audience. For example, gratitude plans should be organized both physically and via email, SMS, or social networks. We can also send offers, reminders, discounts, and relevant information.

An email thanking the customer for their trust or proposing a discount or offer is always an excellent way to build loyalty.
  • Boost the potential of an Email campaign
Email Marketing is one of the referral strategies that succeed in tax season.

It is one of the ways to increase the Return on Investment, ROI, as customers are greatly influenced by email campaigns at this time of the year.

Sending 2 to 4 emails per month can keep our audience loyal and attract potential customers.

We must emphasize:
  • an attractive and innovative email subject that attracts attention
  • also in the body of the mail, it is good to offer useful and brief information, answer questions or propose solutions and discounts, and thank them for staying.