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5 Digital Image Recognition Tools To Optimize Your Digital Marketing

The use of image recognition is growing exponentially in many sectors of today's society

This technology based on Artificial Intelligence allows comparisons to be made and patterns to be detected in images, which implies new facilities for the development of spheres such as security, medicine, and design, among many others.

Also, many companies have learned to take advantage of image recognition technology through Artificial Intelligence to promote and protect their brand, as well as identify business opportunities and market insights.

Image recognition is a process capable of identifying places, objects, and any other element found in an image using algorithms to detect and compare elements of interest related to the brand, and evaluate the results of marketing campaigns, among others.

Applied to a Digital Marketing strategy, image recognition software allows knowing the lifestyle and consumption habits of the users of a brand by verifying images of events or advertising campaigns.

Through this, a better user experience is guaranteed, since the process helps to understand a brand's clients to develop closer and more effective communication with the public.

This technology also supports the process of measuring metrics to evaluate marketing and positioning campaigns.

Image recognition to assess our brand

To be sure of the opportunities that are presented to our brand every day, we use image recognition, to explore the public's reactions to our products or services and to know the extent of their popularity.

For this and to expand their marketing strategy, many companies use image detection and recognition tools that include software to specify objects, people, places, and activities in images in simple language.

These tools use artificial intelligence technologies and tested algorithms to identify images from an artificial neural network that filters, recognizes, and understands identical objects.

Through them, we can share images and quickly collect data necessary for the development of a correct Marketing strategy.

We propose 5 image recognition tools to optimize Digital Marketing:
SmallSEOTools Image Recognition is an easy-to-use image search tool, which can perform any online photo search.

Highly recommended for companies that start the path of image recognition technology. All you need to do is upload one photo from your device's collection, and while you're at it, the tool's complex algorithm will return matching images and detailed data about the one you proposed, directly.

This search is carried out with artificial intelligence and based on the compilations of the main Google, Bing, and Yandex databases.

This tool from the huge digital retailer, Amazon, "offers pre-trained and customizable computer vision (CV) capabilities to extract information from images and videos," according to its home page.

Amazon Rekognition can recognize things, people, text, scenes, and actions, and look at any content that may be affecting our strategy. In addition, it integrates high-precision facial analysis and facial search capabilities.

LogoGrab specifically can recognize logos, brands, and groups, allowing businesses to examine their visuals across numerous media, such as social media, television, etc.

This supports the management of brand recognition and provides keys to gaining greater popularity among digital users.

IBM has created a program for visual recognition with a large collection of functions such as analysis of logos and brands. It is said to be one of the most robust software as it uses top technology to make a reliable image recognition tool that generates all kinds of data and matches.

A pioneer in computer vision based on deep learning, Clarifai is one of the most powerful image detection APIs.

Through its use, brands can add variations to their logo to train the tool. After some time of use, the user will be able to add images to the platform and categorize the results based on the included logos.

Clarifai also offers a free API, which allows users to add practically any database for the application to analyze at the minute.