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Knowing Genius Referrals: 5 Advantages Of Implementing An Employee Referral Program

We must know that, through a good referral program, our workers can bring us closer to the best talent thanks to their recommendations.

So it is valid to create a strategy that includes the workers of our company as the main promoters of our products and/or services.

For obvious reasons, they are the ones who know the strengths that we must highlight using "word of mouth".

Creating a referral program that allows our employees to recommend their best contacts is one of the best ways to reach new market niches and potential clients that suit our needs.

In addition, using this method, the worker will feel valued, since the company tells him that he is not only qualified to perform the required tasks but that he can participate in decision-making.

"Recruitment" Referral Program

Through a recruitment referral program, employers ask trusted employees to recommend the company's products and services to their contacts, and they get a reward in return.

There are many benefits offered by this method, but the main one is that it allows our employees, as prescribers of our company, not only to feel it as a pleasant place to develop professionally but also to capture their contacts with sincere opinions and recommendations with accurate data.
Employee Referral Program Benefits
Referral programs are highly profitable. They help us to promote word of mouth, to retain your current customers and to attract new ones of very good quality. Having the right incentive and the model that best suits our type of business will be essential for you to be successful when implementing it.

Advantages of these types of referral programs include:

  • The costs to find a reference decrease thanks to the greater efficiency of this method. This method can be up to 50% cheaper than others.

  • Promoters are usually leading and responsible professionals. Otherwise, they would not have earned the trust of the employee who has decided to recommend them as reliable workers.

  • More confidence in the company, since the referrals know a worker closely, it is normal that they already know the work systems within the company, as well as the relationships between colleagues and the environment in general. In this way, the recommendations will be more accurate.

  • Good work environment by rewarding those employees who successfully recommend one of their contacts. It does not matter too much how much is awarded, but we must make sure to create a safe space in which the employee feels free to recommend his acquaintance.

The best references for a business are its employees. This is why this program is so successful, it gives prospects confidence in company decisions.

To implement a good referral system, you must take into account:

- Update workers on the decisions and way of acting of the company, so that they can recommend it

- Offer rewards to those employees who successfully refer a contact. This reward can be monetary (with a bonus) or not (with an extra day of vacation, for example).

- Make workers feel part of the company and more motivated to make it grow and improve.
Genius Referrals: Employee program to grow the company
Recommending a former co-worker, a friend, or anyone else associated with us is nothing new. The referral program is based on trust, to find better promoters and referrals.

However, the referral program can reinforce and strengthen the business culture as it enhances the attractiveness of the company and builds loyalty, and retains talent.

And at Genius Referrals, we offer referral program software specifically to make your employees the best promoters.

Our 100 percent automated programs adapt to all types of companies and needs, giving users the freedom to dedicate themselves to other tasks.

We ensure:

Designed with simplicity in mind, our software makes setting up your referral program quick and easy. We then take care of the rest, tracking referrals and automatically rewarding promoters.

We have it guaranteed, no matter what challenge you face. Our main goal is to help you run a successful referral marketing program, and we'll do whatever it takes.

We work with a set of reference management tools, which puts everything you need at your fingertips. Our solutions are tailored to your business, so they're always a perfect fit.

Our innovative platform allows you to create and implement a referral program in minutes, at a fraction of the cost of older traditional methods.
Make your employees your best promoters
The Genius Referrals Platform provides comprehensive solutions for all your referral marketing needs.

Among them is our employee referral program, whose facilities include:

- If your employees are the ones who know your business and your products best. Why not reward them for recommending you?

- Set up automatic bonus generation and tiered campaigns to create highly specialized programs that motivate your employees to get more and more referrals.

- Both you and your employees are in full control. They have software that fits your needs, where your employees can see their performance and get rewards in real-time.