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4 Tips For Referral Marketing On Facebook 

Facebook remains the leader of social networks in 2022, with more than 2.7 billion active users.
Therefore, we must continue promoting our Marketing strategies on the platform.

Facebook is an ideal social network for:
  • win followers

  • position the business

  • allows us to explore new markets and interact with the audience to gradually win loyal customers.

But even it is one of the most used social media, we can fail to design an uncreative campaign.
Today, we must innovate in our Facebook Referral Marketing strategy, to win over the public and get them to promote our products and services.

Succeed on Facebook

At Genius Referrals, we know that Facebook plays an exceptional role in the success of social media marketing.

For this reason, we focus on creating innovative strategies, to develop a 100 percent effective Referral campaign on the network.

In our Share Messaging, we provide the possibility to personalize the messages with images and URLs and easily share them on the platform to gain followers.

Trends to keep in mind this 2022
 Genius Referrals manage other crucial aspects that will continue to be a trend when it comes to gaining followers on Facebook.

We share below 4 trends to boost Referral Marketing on Facebook, this 2022:

  • Influencer marketing
Gaining followers through the positive references of the so-called Influencers of the social network will continue to be a trend in 2022. Get to know our Influencers program!
Users trust the recommendations of well-known Internet stars and invest based on the tastes and desires of many celebrities.

  • Virtual events
Live events are a communication and interaction format that Facebook audiences love. Nothing better to communicate with our public than the "Lives" of Facebook.

In addition, it is a format that will stay after the pandemic, so we must take advantage of live broadcasts to announce our news and get closer to the audience.
Let's listen to the client to know if our strategy is on track.

  • Facebook stories
Facebook stories are growing in interactivity and innovation.

These publications reach millions of users every day, so we must not exclude them in our strategy.
It is also a good way to explore new markets and reach potential customers.

  • The video, the format that prevails
Video will continue to be king among Facebook post formats.
It is the kind of content that allows us to show our services and products with greater creativity.