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4 Marketing Campaigns That Support Women's Empowerment And Social Equity

Female empowerment and social equity are issues that continue to be a trend for Marketing and Communication this 2022.

Many brands have decided to support the fight for a more active role for women in society and gender equality.

Over the years these issues have appeared more frequently in advertising campaigns, revolutionizing the role of women in Marketing.

Let's see 4 examples of brand marketing campaigns that support women's empowerment and social equity.
1- Nike, “Just Do It”
Just Do It is one of the campaigns that has joined the gender struggle for more years. Nike promotes social equity through all kinds of spots, showing its support for Women's Day and the fight for the cause.

We also mention the spot that the sports fashion giant launched in 2019, with outstanding female athletes as protagonists.

The audiovisual shows the difficulties that women face when practicing sports, and how they are judged when they achieve sporting success.
2- Rimmel, “Dare, be yourself”
After Dove's "Real Beauty" campaign, which is still active after more than a decade and seeks to raise awareness about the best ways to accept and be happy with oneself, Rimmel arrives with a digital campaign that includes an online short film starring four influencers from the Beauty sector, such as the male blogger Lewys Ball.

The message that it brings as a logo is: Dare, be yourself. “Unpredictable, authentic, dramatic… Confidence demands respect.”
3- Gillette, against toxic masculinity
Gillette has broken stereotypes and traditions by launching a campaign for female empowerment and equality as a brand that sells primarily male products.

The brand launched a spot that was harshly criticized, but also highly praised, to combat toxic masculinity.

“Being a man is not what we have always been taught. Men can become better”, was the implication of the audiovisual.

4- Barbie, you can be anything
The favorite toy of many girls, Barbie, has changed its style and is no longer the blonde supermodel that we are used to. Now she is a veterinarian, a firefighter, a police officer, a teacher...

Mattel, the brand in charge of Barbie, announced that the famous doll would begin to be marketed with three different types of figure: tall, petite, and curvy.

The campaign "You can be anything", claims girls' access to education and the importance of recreation and play.