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3 Vanguard Trends In Digital Marketing This 2022

Marketing advances by leaps and bounds as society and technology do.

Communicating through different media becomes increasingly demanding, as the public asks for innovation, modernization, and optimization.

The digital advertising sector has spread to all Internet spaces.

Today, social media are ideal spaces to generate marketing strategies that connect brands with their audience, as they can draw plans based on the needs and tastes of their potential customers.

The current objective of Digital Marketing is not only COMMUNICATION but INTERACTION between brands and the audience, to generate forms of sale that please, respond, and are functional.

According to experts in global marketing and especially in advertising, 3 trends have been setting the forefront in Digital Marketing:
  • Programmatic advertising
  • Online video advertising 
  • Mobile advertising

Programmatic advertising, Internet spaces

Programmatic advertising or programmatic buying is a term that encompasses the management of automated purchase of advertising space on the Internet.

In other words, through an automatic procedure for buying and selling advertising, advertisers pay so that their content is shown only to their target audience.

As part of the automation process that makes its way into Digital Marketing, programmatic advertising strengthens the connection between the brand and the potential consumer, showing ads for products related to him.

For example, many times we receive both by email, as associated with YouTube and other social media, advertisements for products that we have been interested in or have searched for.

And it is that thanks to technology and data processing, the commercial interests of a specific person are detected, to send them specific advertising.

Programmatic advertising is an effective way to choose quality content, in real-time, considering: 
  • Interests
  • Pleasures
  • Preferred time
  • Devices
  • Demographics
Online video advertising, accompanying the content
Online video advertising is the audiovisual advertising that accompanies this type of content distributed over the Internet.

For example, it includes ads for YouTube videos that we consume when streaming or downloaded to devices such as computers and mobile phones.

Video advertising can be broadcast before (Pre-roll), during (Mid-roll), or after (Post-roll) the content.

Mobile advertising, modern communication campaigns

Mobile advertising has two main advertising types (Display and SEM ads), but also includes messaging (SMS and MMS), Bluetooth (proximity marketing), mobile applications, advergaming, etc.

Mobile advertising includes broadcast advertising strategies that allow companies to share content, communicate and engage with their audience interactively across any mobile device or network.

Mobile devices have currently gained immense popularity.

It is usual for consumers to make purchases, so mobile advertising focuses on:
facilitate the location of the company
searching for information on products and services
carrying out actions

It is known that around 90% of consumers access a website from multiple devices and use multiple screens to perform a task regularly.

Furthermore, 65% of searches start on a smartphone and 93% of these users make a purchase.