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10 Tools That Will Help You With A Marketing Strategy

We know that the public of social networks is increasingly demanding when it comes to consuming advertising.

Most young people and millennials DON'T go out of their way for classic Marketing strategies.

They want brands to show their creativity, reflect and respect the crucial aspects of today's society, innovate, provide accurate customer service and find solutions to current global problems.

Therefore, when it comes to Digital Marketing, we CAN'T just stick with the classic steps and strategies for advertising.

We have to use all kinds of tools that can help us:
  • innovate
  • create
  • explore
  • promote our marketing strategy.
In addition, they will allow us good management for the growth of the company.

Tools to analyze and create new paths

The tools for Digital Marketing not only allow us to create an innovative strategy but from them, we can do something extremely important: measure data.

Analyzing our results and exploring new strategies from that data is an extremely essential process if we want to boost our Digital Marketing.

In addition, digital tools allow you to manage email marketing, fill out web forms, check keywords, etc.

We share below 10 of the best tools to promote an effective Digital Marketing strategy:
  • Marketing Hub
HubSpot targets business growth by creating web forms, popup forms, and live chats to capture leads.

We can also create newsletters for email marketing campaigns and analyze the behavior of visitors to our website to draw strategies around the knowledge of the public and the ideal customer prospect.

  • Proof
Proof helps us increase conversions on our website through social proof messaging, displays reviews, and delivers ads to potential customers based on our business description and interests, once they've visited the site.

Through Proof, we also analyze visits and notifications, all to optimize our strategy in the best possible way.

  • Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free tool associated with the Search Engine, it is the standard for website analytics.

Through the flow of data, this tool allows us to manage the pages of the website and know who visits them, as well as other information such as the country, time, and preferences.

  • Buffer
Buffer primarily analyzes social media posts, but it also helps us with post analytics. In addition, it encourages interactions with our followers.

  • Google Trends
Google Trends is also a standard tool that allows us to know how widespread our brand name is. Through this program, we monitor the topics that are trending on social media and we can outline our strategy.

It also allows us to select by region or country to know how our content is going, so we will know where and how we have the greatest impact in the market.

  • Survey Anyplace
Survey Anyplace is a tool that focuses on surveys and allows them to be created based on user experience.
From the knowledge of the client, we can add questions and include the images.

The surveys are compatible with the mobile device interface and are made in a clear language that is accessible to all types of audiences. With the results of the survey, we will be able to draw up better strategies fundamentally to improve customer service.

  • Slack
Slack is a communication service to manage and optimize the work of the company.
It is an application designed to obtain certain types of information and boost business conversations that keep work focused.

Slack helps manage employee-team collaboration and bridge the gap in the digital marketing marketplace.

  • Canvas
The application of the quintessential design brings us endless opportunities to create innovative publications.

Canva is an app that promotes simple graphic design. Highly accessible to all users, you just need to find the photos, elements, and templates that fit your goals. Then, it is up to our creativity.
Canva is a free tool available to any user.

  • Google Search Console
This is one of the oldest Google services, which is still used to keep our page at the top of the searches.

Google Search Console also helps prevent malicious software that may affect browsing our website or blog.

  • SEMrush
SEMrush stands out in the analysis of Keywords, touching not only Digital Marketing, but Content Marketing, because from the so-called keywords, we can optimize our strategy.

This tool helps us to obtain a good positioning from the use of keywords. In addition, we can identify competitors and trends.