Contributions Of Omnichannel Marketing To The Development Of A Referral Program

Omnichannel marketing is a positioning strategy that is based on the union of all communication and promotion channels that the company has to strengthen the user or potential customer experience.

In this article, we discuss some contributions of omnichannel marketing to the development of a Referral program.

In omnichannel marketing, a single platform must bring together all the company's communication channels, both traditional and/or physical and digital media, to deliver useful and quality information to the customer, boost customer service and improve purchasing strategies.

Omnichannel is an element that is becoming more popular every day within companies.

According to statistics, more than 50 percent of companies carry out their commercial policies through a single site or platform.

In addition, many also use automated software that allows them to generate omnichannel strategies for the best user experience and the impulse of additional purchases.

Digital communications and the more traditional ones via telephone or with sales advisors come together in the implementation of an omnichannel strategy.

Benefits of omnichannel marketing for Referral Marketing

Referral marketing is a service marketing strategy whereby companies offer customers compensation for promoting the brand and attracting other prospects to become customers.

Referral marketing allows the business to take advantage of all the resources it has (customers, friends, partners).

According to sales statistics, the value of a referred customer is 16% higher than that of a non-referred customer; therefore, it is more profitable in terms of income for the company.

However, one of the main elements to consider in a referral program is the customer experience. Only through an adequate strategy that promotes the client-company relationship, an attractive referral strategy is achieved, which increases sales and increases the prospect base.

Multiple benefits and advantages of using an omnichannel strategy for the development of a referral program can be highlighted:

  • Greater satisfaction and/or connection with the potential client due to the quality content that is generated through a single platform

  • Increase in total profits due to the acceptance of the brand and the purchase of complementary products.

  • Improved brand reputation thanks to the union of customer service channels and rewards strategies.

Examples of omnichannel marketing campaigns in referral programs

Many brands have decided to promote omnichannel marketing campaigns and, at the same time, referral strategies, to gain creativity and opportunities.

For example:
Starbucks includes an omnichannel marketing strategy that links the physical store with its mobile app and in its social media and email advertising.

Thus, they provide the best experience to customers in all ways.

The Starbucks app allows users to order their favorite beverages and just drop by to pick up their product, eliminating long lines. At the same time, they give away discounts and free products to those who refer new contacts.

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