Genius Referrals
Start with Bronze and purchase additional features as needed or choose a plan that works for you. 30-day, risk FREE trial. Switch plans anytime.


For businesses with a single referral program, small team and simple integration method.
Advocates/Referrals (Unlimited)
    Referral Program (1)
        One Way & Double-Sided Rewards
          Basic Design Center
            Custom Genius Referrals Domain
              PER MONTH
                For growing businesses with maybe a few referral programs or more complex setup.
                All bronze features, plus:
                  Referral Program (2)
                    Support SLA (24hrs Mon-Fri)
                      Advanced Design Center
                        Code Snippets
                          Customizable Templates
                            API Access
                              Integration Consultation
                                Multi-Tier Campaign
                                  Staff accounts
                                    For businesses with complex referral programs, bonuses structures, and integration methods.
                                    All silver features, plus:
                                      Referral Program (5)
                                        Professional Design Center
                                          Custom Domain
                                            Multi Currency Campaigns
                                              No Genius Referrals Branding
                                                PER MONTH
                                                  Auto Payout with Paypal
                                                    Auto Payout with Gift Cards
                                                      Bonus Approval Process
                                                        Members Approval Process
                                                          For businesses with multiple programs and convoluted integration who need the whole shebang.
                                                          All gold features, plus:
                                                            Multi-Level Marketing
                                                            Full Custom Template
                                                              Personal Representative
                                                                Monthly Consultation
                                                                  Let's Talk
                                                                  Email Domain Authentication
                                                                    PER MONTH
                                                                      We will host your program in the cloud and provide you with a subdomain, e.g.
                                                                      Update the look an feel of your program by changing colors, images, etc.
                                                                      With double-sided rewards, both the advocate and the referral earn a bonus.
                                                                      Our actionable/vanity metrics give you deep insights into your referral program. Review conversion rates, clicks, shares, etc.
                                                                      A Referral Program consists of 1 account, 1 campaign, 1 widgets package and 4 templates.
                                                                      Invite your sales reps, customer service reps, gurus, etc. to help you manage your referral program.
                                                                      Add tiers to your campaign to make your program more attractive to your advocates.
                                                                      We will help you to get integrated with our platform and create integration scripts.
                                                                      Access to our RESTful API, SDKs(10) to consume our resources and have full control of your program.
                                                                      We will work with you to update the look and feel of your templates. The design is not included.
                                                                      Our code snippets allow you to embed your program on your site so that your customer never leave your environment.
                                                                      Update the look an feel of your program by changing colors, images, access to source code, add custom scripts, etc.
                                                                      We promise we will answer your comments and questions within 24 hrs.
                                                                      A Referral Program consists of 1 account, 1 campaign, 1 widgets package and 4 templates.
                                                                      Enable a members approval process to have more control over your members. Approve advocates or referrals only when they have been verified.
                                                                      Enable a bonus approval process to get more control over the bonuses that your members receive. Reward your members only when sales/purchases have been verified.
                                                                      Over 200 reward gift cards (visa, charity, restaurants, and more) available for your advocates to pick and choose.
                                                                      Send payouts automatically to your advocate's PayPal account. Set your program on autopilot and we'll take care of the rest.
                                                                      Remove the Genius Referrals branding of the templates.
                                                                      Run referral campaigns with multiple currencies.
                                                                      1 year custom domain for your program. e.g.
                                                                      Update the look an feel of your program by changing colors, images, access to source code, add custom scripts, and get full control of the process.
                                                                      A Referral Program consists of 1 account, 1 campaign, 1 widgets package and 4 templates.
                                                                      Email domain authentication, formerly known as email domain whitelabel, shows email providers that Genius Referrals has your permission to send emails on your behalf. Your members will no longer see the "via" message on your emails.
                                                                      We will review your program every month and provide a report and best practices to improve the program
                                                                      Your personal rep will monitor your account every month.
                                                                      We will work with you to create the perfect template.
                                                                      A Referral Program consists of 1 account, 1 campaign, 1 widgets package and 4 templates.
                                                                      Track referrals and reward advocates in multiple levels.
                                                                      Referral Program (unlimited)
                                                                      Vanity URL
                                                                        Vanity URLs are worth using because they build trust and help you achieve your marketing goals. A Vanity URL is a descriptive, memorable, and pronounceable URL that is generally used to redirect URLs from one location to another. In simpler terms, a Vanity URL is a URL that has been converted to a custom short link.
                                                                        ALL PACKAGES COME WITH THE FOLLOWING FEATURES
                                                                        Lead generation that works
                                                                        Keep your pipeline fully stocked with a steady flow of high-quality leads using our referrals services.
                                                                        Referral Tracking
                                                                        Track online (via website, mobile app, etc.) and offline referrals on your e-commerce or mortar and brick business.

                                                                        Set of Default Social Media Messages
                                                                        Get full control of what your customers are publishing on social media, tell them exactly what to post online!
                                                                        Advocates' dashboard
                                                                        Let your advocates take full control of their programs by analyzing their performance and taking proper actions.
                                                                        Flexible campaigns
                                                                        Take advantage of our tiered and highly customizable campaigns and create engaging promotions for your customers.
                                                                        Reminder Notifications
                                                                        Notify your advocates with the activity that it's happening on their accounts, like new referrals or bonuses.
                                                                        Refer-A-Friend Widgets
                                                                        Provide the tools your advocates need to broadcast your brand all over the Internet.
                                                                        Internationalized widgets
                                                                        Create your default promotional contents and allow your customers to share them in their native language on social media.
                                                                        Real-time monitoring
                                                                        Track shares, clicks, referrals and bonus participations. Measure your ROI by analysing your statistics.
                                                                        Personal URLs
                                                                        Advocates get their personal URLs that can be used to share your services anywhere they want to.
                                                                        Whitelabel With HTML, CSS
                                                                        Customize our templates to match your website design, use our WYSIWYG make real-time changes.
                                                                        Automatic bonus generation
                                                                        Bonuses are given to your advocates automatically according to the rules you've set up in your campaigns.
                                                                        You're just seconds away from starting your FREE trial
                                                                        You're just seconds away from starting your FREE trial
                                                                        WE ARE A GLOBAL TRUSTED BRAND
                                                                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

                                                                        Can I buy additional features?
                                                                        Yep, our plans are customizable. You can buy extra features as you need them. For example, if you are enrolled in our Bronze plan, and want to add a member's approval process, you can buy our "Member's Approval Process" feature without changing your current plan.
                                                                        How can I pay?
                                                                        Pay online with your Visa, Mastercard or American Express, processed securely through Authorize.Net in an SSL protected page.
                                                                        Can I get a test drive?
                                                                        Yes, you have 30 days to try out our products. Just sign up with your email address and you immediately get to access every feature on Genius Referrals.
                                                                        Will I be locked into a contract?
                                                                        No contracts here! You can cancel your subscription at anytime. You won't be charged for your next billing cycle, and you'll be able to keep using the account until the end of the period you've already paid for.
                                                                        Do I have to give you my credit card to try it out?
                                                                        Yes. However, we will charge your credit card once your 30 days trial period is over. You can cancel at any time at no cost.
                                                                        How do I upgrade my plan?
                                                                        You will be able to change your plan on your Dashboard, and also buy individual features that are only available on better plans.
                                                                        WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY
                                                                        CRYSTAL H.
                                                                        Kinsley Armelle
                                                                        PIETER MEY
                                                                        I have used Genius Referrals to launch our referral program and was extremely pleased with the amount of work they did for us from the outset. They were always ready with an answer and went beyond their scope of duty to assist with setting the program up. Quick, fast and well worth it!!! Pros: Ability to customize your programs and the fact that your advocates can have their own logins to track their progress topped with great customer support.
                                                                        THERESA FRENCH
                                                                        Eat To Perform
                                                                        VILE L.
                                                                        I looked high and low for a solution. We were very clear, we did not want an "affiliate" program that required us to pay out "commissions" but rather, "prizes" and bonuses for referrals. We also needed something that would seamlessly work with our multiple platforms. When I found Genius Referrals--it was all I could hope for and MORE... LOVE THIS COMPANY!
                                                                        Get on a chat with Customer Service if you have questions. It's a great platform and their willingness to help with simple customizations makes the platform a perfect fit for just about any loyalty / referral program you might want to create.
                                                                        If you want to make your customers really promote your product or service and not just to subscribe to some contest or sweepstakes then this is for you! Believe me when I say that I searched around the web to find the right solution and finally when I found this it did not let me down! First of all, it is so good that these guys let you have a longer than usual risk-free period to evaluate. Pricing itself is actually very affordable. These guys are sure that you stick with them and they are correct - you will. When it comes to customer service they will not let you down.
                                                                        We have used a variety of referral/affiliate web applications over the last few years. We have tried them all big and small (ShareASale, Refersion, ReferralCandy, just to name a few).
                                                                        While they all worked okay for what we needed at the time, Genius Referrals is truly the total package. The only complaint is that we didn't find them sooner! If you plan to grow your affiliate program, start with a strong framework and go for Genius Referrals.
                                                                        Have you got other questions? No problem, we're happy to help and would love to hear from you. Get in touch at