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PayPal Payouts

Learn Step by Step How to Connect and Test your PayPal Business Account with Genius Referrals.

Please Note: PayPal Integration are only available on certain Genius plans. See our plans and pricing here.
To send payouts using your PayPal business account, you'll need to meet the following requirements:
  • A PayPal Business Account.
  • Contact PayPal to ensure that Payouts has been enabled for your account. Not all PayPal accounts have this feature enabled automatically, especially if you are outside the United States.
  • A confirmed identity, email, and bank account linked to your PayPal business account
  • Sufficient funds in your PayPal business account.
Check out the PayPal requirements here.
Follow the steps to set your PayPal business account
Step 1
Log in to the PayPal Developer Portal, and click on "My Account" on the left-side navigation menu.
My account
Step 2

Next, you need to verify that you have the Payouts API enabled. Unfortunately, this can take from a few hours to several days for PayPal to give you permission. We do not have control over this. However, requesting it is straightforward. At the bottom of the column called "Permission name," you will see the row labeled "Payouts." You want to click on the Enable link.

After enabling the link, PayPal will send you an email informing you that they are reviewing your request. Once you have been accepted, you will see a green checkmark indicating that the API is live.
My account
Step 3
In the APIs, click on "My Apps & Credentials" on the left-side navigation menu. Find the "REST API apps" and click on the "Create app" button.
Rest API apps
Step 4
Fill in the information of the form by inserting the name of the application. On the App Name, you can write "Genius Referrals Payouts." Once you have inserted it, click on the "Create app" button.
Create new app
Step 5
Select the "Live" button at the top right corner, to switch your App from Sandbox mode to Live.
Live API credentials
Step 6
Once on this page, make note of the two fields marked Client ID and Secret. The final step is to link PayPal Payouts to your Genius account.
Please Note: You must copy the Client ID and Secret fields. You'll need this data for integration with Genius Referrals in the final steps.

PayPal account details
How do I Connect my Genius Account with PayPal?
If you have already completed all the steps up to here, and your PayPal business account has enabled the Payouts API, please click on the Integrations link on the left-side navigation menu. Select the Billing and Payment option, and click on the PayPal logo.

Next, to create a connection from your Genius Referrals account with PayPal, click on the "Connect with PayPal" button.

Step 1: Connection

On this page, you have to insert the information of your PayPal account (Client ID and Client Secret). After inserting the credentials and accepting the terms and conditions, click on the "Save and continue" button.

Insert PayPal credentials
Step 2: Payout Options

Within this section, you can configure how you want payouts to be managed and establish the payout limits. You will have the option to Edit the integration to change these parameters if you want another time.
We offer you a default configuration. When you finish defining the values, click on the "Save and continue" button.
Set payout option
Step 3: Confirmation

When the entire process has been completed, you will get to the confirmation section, which explains that the integration must be approved. You will be contacted via email to inform you when the status changes.

When you return to the integration with PayPal, you will see the details of the integration. It shows the status it is in, next to two options Edit and Pause.
Please Note:
The Edit button allows you to modify your integration if you need it.
The Pause button option allows you to pause it when its integration is active. This functionality gives you the possibility to stop payments through PayPal without having to cancel the integration. When you want to resume payments, you should only click on the Play button.

PayPal Integration Testing Guide

How do I test the integration to see if it is working as expected?

To test the integration, you have to test the full referral program flow. Go to your "Advocate Portal" page and use the referral tools to share your products/services and fully test the referral flow.
Your referral program
Test Scenario

Let's test a reward campaign where your advocates earn $10 per every qualified referral. (A qualified referral is a referral that completes a purchase).

John Smith (email: refers your products/services to his friend Matt Hanks (

John Smith (advocate) earns a $10 reward after his friend Matt Hanks (referral) completes a purchase.

In this scenario, John sends Matt his personal URL so Matt can check the products and make a purchase. Once Matt completes the purchase:
1- A new referral is generated.
2- A new $10 bonus triggered.
3- A new payout request is created.

Referral Program Flow
How do I Verify If the Referral has been successfully created?
Once the referral has completed a purchase, a new referral will be generated. To verify if the new referral has been created, click on the Referrals link on the left-side navigation menu. Within this section, you can search for the referral by name and email.
List of members
How do I Verify If the Bonus has been successfully created?
We need to check if the advocate (John) receives a bonus once the referral (Matt) completes his purchase. To verify this process, go to the bonuses section. You should be able to see John's new bonus on this page.
List of bonuses
How do I Verify If the Payout request has been successfully created?
Please Note:
To verify this step you must have the Payout Management option is "Auto". Please see image below.
Configuration to turn on automatic payouts
To check if the payout request was successfully created, go to your Payouts section. You should see John's new payout request on this page.
You can also check on your PayPal account and see all the payouts that have been made to your advocates.
Your advocate (John), will also see a new transaction on its PayPal account.
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