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Customer Sucess Story: Kinsley Armelle
Kinsley Armelle, an e-commerce retailer selling designer, custom-made jewelry, was looking to expand its reach and attract more customers to their online store. They wanted to find a reliable referral program to grow their word-of-mouth marketing efforts. Having tried a number of other web applications, KA was looking for a more robust comprehensive solution for their referral program needs.
Case Study
Kingsley Armelle



United States
Kinsley Armelle used the Genius Referrals platform to create a customized referral program that encouraged and rewarded word-of-mouth promotion by current customers.
Their goals were:

- Create two referrals program: one for customers; another for affiliates
- Empower advocates by rewarding them for referring friends, creating company reviews
- Automate the referral tracking process
- Simplify coupon, reward generation
- Encourage advocates to stay involved with event-based notifications
- Develop a tier incentive model for customers and a MLM incentive model for affiliates

Genius Referrals developed success programs for the KA Shopify store and automated the process to simplify the tracking and reward activities. Their customer program rewarded advocates for every referral that resulted in a minimum of $50 sale. For their affiliate referral program, we created six levels of rewards that lead to a total of 40% commission being paid to the team.

We also built a dashboard for KA advocates where they were able to fully manage their referral program experience. They were able to refer their friends, get insights on the program, request payouts, and receive notifications about events that were relevant to them.
Within the first year with the Genius Referral platform, Kinsley Armelle was able to reach 160% referral conversion rate. Along with a boost in revenue, the referral process was fully automated, giving valuable time back to their team.
Through our software
Founder of KA
"Genius Referrals is truly the total package. The only complaint is that we didn't sooner! If you plan to grow your affiliate program, start with a strong framework and go for Genius Referrals."
Crystal Habel
Kinsley Armelle was able to:
website visits reached
top advocates earned
references brought
of revenue
Streamline their referral program processes
Boost their revenue
Improve the success of their referral program through the genius referrals platform.
Crystal Habel, Founder of KA
"The possibilities are endless with Genius Referrals and we feel confident taking our affiliate program to the next level with a heavy hitter like genius referrals in our corner backing us up."
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