Genius Referrals
If you are in this section, we are assuming at this point that you have already personalized the templates for your referral program in our Templates Builder. If you haven't done this yet, please go to our Design Center and customize your referral templates before continuing with this tutorial.


This tutorial is for clients with a Prestashop online store. If you want to install a referral program on Prestashop, please continue reading. Otherwise, go to our integration section and find the guide that best fits your needs.
Who Should Read this Tutorial?
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At the end of this tutorial, you will have a full referral program installed on your Shopify store that will empower your customers and visitors with the right tools to refer your products (on social media, using email and instant messages, QR codes, etc.) and generate bonuses for every qualified referral. Your advocates will also be able to review the performance of their referral program, redeem bonuses for cash, gift cards, credit, charity or goods.
The following list of items are required:

  1. A Full Widget template with the Sign Up and Login forms. This template is for visitors (advocates, agents, affiliates, etc.) who want to refer your services but are not your customers, as they are not your clients they need to sign up for the referral program.
  2. A Prestashop store
The following list of items are optional:

  1. A POS Template to load on the order confirmation page. This call to action will allow your customers to share your products right after an order has been completed. A POS template will increase your conversion rate by at least 10%.
Installing and Configuring Our Prestashop Module
1. Install our Prestashop module in your store.
Module Referral Programs 360 Suite Installed on Prestashop
2. Generate the configuration for our module on our Integrations section. Go to Integrations -> E-Commerce -> Prestashop to set it up.
module configuration for your prestashop referral program using payment to trigger the bonus
3. Copy the configuration and save it on the module.
module configuration for your prestashop referral program
configuration of the Genius Referrals module on prestashop
4. Test the integration
Testing the Installation of your new Referral Program
Once the installation of the module is completed and configured, your referral program should be up and running. Your customers and visitors will be able access to the program and refer your products. A few things you will notice in your store:

  1. A new link on your navigation bar 'Referral Program', that your visitors and customers (advocates) can use to refer your products.
  2. A template installed on the Referral Program page where your advocates will be able to:
    1. Access the referral program and learn how it works
    2. Sign up on the program if they are not your customer
    3. Refer your products with friends and family using their personal share links via email, social media, blog posts, chats, etc.
    4. Review the performance of their referral program and react. These are some questions they might ask themselves:
      1. How many referrals and bonuses I have generated?
      2. What distribution channels are working better for me?
      3. Where should I put my efforts?
    5. Manage bonuses and redemptions. Bonuses can be redeemed for cash, goods, check, charity, points, Paypal, etc. Pretty much anything you want.
  3. If you selected a POS template, your customers will see a call to action on the order confirmation page. The POS template will pop up to invite customers to refer your products right after an order is completed (this is highly recommended).
  4. If you selected the option 'Auto bonuses redemption as Cart Rule?', a new Cart Rule will be generated and be available for your customer's next purchase.
Scenario: Referring new prospects to a Prestashop Store

In this scenario, we are assuming the following:
  1. You have a Prestashop store that sells t-shirts online.
  2. You have set up a referral program with Genius Referrals to allow your customers and visitors to refer your products to friends, family, colleagues, etc.
  3. On your referral campaign, you are giving $10 to your customers for every qualified referral. A qualified referral is a referral that completes a purchase.
  4. John Smith is one of your best customers, he loves your products and is happy to share your services with his friends, family, colleagues, etc. This is his personal data:
    1. Name: John
    2. Last name: Smith
    3. Email:
  5. John refers to his friend Matt so that he can buy new t-shirts in your store. This is his personal data:
    1. Name: Matt
    2. Lastname: Hanks
    3. Email:
  6. John receives $10 as a bonus once Matt has completed a purchase
The following image represents the referral flow that we will be testing:
Referral Program process
Testing that John can share services anywhere he wants
For John to be able to refer products he needs to access the referral program page and use the referrals tools to share the services. John will be able to use all the tools on the 'Referral tools' tab. In this scenario, John sends to Matt his personal URL (referral tool 2) so that Matt can check out the products and make a purchase.
testing that customer can refer a friend on prestahop store
Testing that the referral (Matt) is successfully created
Once John has shared a product with Matt, Matt will click on John's personal URL and land on your store (on your landing page). Matt will browse your products, add some to the cart and finally complete a purchase. Once Matt has completed the purchase, a new referral will be generated on Genius Referrals. To check if the new referral was created, go to your advocates & referrals section on Genius Referrals. You should be able to see Matt on the list.
Identify new referrals
Testing that a bonus is given to John once Matt has completed a purchase

Now we need to check if the advocate (John) receives a bonus once the referral (Matt) completes a purchase. Once a purchase is completed, and the order is moved to the state Payment accepted, John should receive a $10 bonus on Genius Referrals. Check the images below.
Testing that the bonus is redeemed as a Cart Rule

If you have selected the option 'Auto Bonus Redemption as Cart Rule?' when configuring our module, bonuses will be redeemed as Cart Rules automatically.
The bonus that was previously given to John will be redeemed automatically as a Cart Rule on your store. If you go to the Cart Rules section in your store, you should see a new Cart Rule.
Cart Rule given to the advocate as reward after a qualified referral
Information of the cart rule given to the customer
the conditions of the cart rule given to the advocate
The actions allowed on the cart rule given to the promotor
On Genius Referrals, on the Redemptions section, you should also see a new redemption request in the Completed status. This means that the bonus given to John has been redeemed as a Cart Rule on your store.
Bonus redeemed as cart rule
Testing that there is a call to action on the order confirmation page If you have specified a POS template when configuring our module, a pop will display the POS template on your order confirmation page. The image below shows an example.
Allow your customer to refer their friends on the order confirmation page

That's all.

In this scenario