How to send extra referral data using method processCustomer
Sometimes is useful to send extra information about your referrals to Genius Referrals. For example, the referral's phone number and address so that your team can manage referrals and access to this data on the Control Center.

To send extra information about your referrals to Genius Referrals use the methods processCustomer or processCustomerAndBonus used to catch new referrals.

You will be able to send anything you want. Use the parameter grMetadata to pass extra data. The grMetadata parameter must be a JSON in the following format.
Heads up
This new feature was introduced in version 1.0.9 of our geniusreferrals-tool-box script. Ensure you are loading the latest of this script on your pages.
"label": "Phone Number",   
"value": "4072829292"  
"label" : "Address",
 "value" : "123 St, Orlando FL, 32821"
The following example illustrates how to pass extra information:
 <script type="text/javascript">
    var grMetadata = '[{"label":"Phone Number","value":"140322829292"},{"label":"Address","value":"123 St, Orlando FL, 32821"}]'    
    var toolbox = new grToolbox();
            "grUsername" : "",
            "grTemplateSlug": "testing-account",
            "grCustomerName": "john",
            "grCustomerLastname": "smith",
            "grCustomerEmail": "",
            "grCustomerCurrencyCode": "USD",
            "grMetadata": grMetadata,
            "grCanRefer": false    });
Once the data is been sent, you will be able to review the referral data on the advocates details page, under the Personal Information section.
sending extra information for the referral