How to Give Manual Bonuses to your Advocates
You can give bonuses manually to the advocates using our portal. This is useful when you want to:
  • Run an offline referral program.
  • Give a bonus to the advocates manually.
To give a bonus to the advocate, search for the advocate on the member's section and click on the 'Add manual bonus' action located in the actions column.
This action won't take into account the restrictions that you've set up on the referral program campaign. If you want to give a bonus taking into account the campaign restrictions, please use the action 'Process for Bonus' to give a bonus to an advocate..
The 'Add manual bonus' action will be available only when the advocate is able to refer your services, option 'Type' = Advocate.
Giving bonuses to your advocates in your referral program
On the form 'Add manual bonus' fill in the fields and then click on the 'Give bonus' button.
The system will try to give a bonus to the advocate, the parameters to fill in are the following:
  • Reference: The reference for this request. This can anything, you can use a timestamp, a payment id, etc. This parameter is mandatory.
  • Bonus amount: Represents the bonus amount to give to the advocate. This parameter is mandatory.